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“Top Aquarium Pet Product of 2022” by

Venti Aquarium

Aquatop Venti Aquariums was named the “Top Aquarium Pet Product of 2022” by, a leading pet industry website. The award recognizes the aquariums for their innovative design, high-quality construction, and ability to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for aquatic pets. With features such as customizable filtration systems, low-noise pumps, and energy-efficient lighting, the Aquatop Venti Aquariums offer pet owners a convenient and effective way to keep their aquatic pets happy and healthy. The recognition from highlights the company’s commitment to creating top-of-the-line products that meet the needs of pet owners and their pets.

In the Summer of 2022, we expanded the Venti Showcase Aquarium product line to include 2-gal. and 5-gal. versions, alongside the original 1-gal. Venti. All three models are made of high-clarity glass and come complete with LED lighting, filtration, and air pump. They are perfect environments for Bettas, shrimp, and other nano fish species, providing a unique and attractive home for aquatic pets.

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