Regular Warranty and 1+1 Warranty


Products are guaranteed by AQUATOP® Aquatic Supplies to the original purchaser against defective material and workmanship under normal use for a period up to 1 year from the date of the original purchase through an Authorized Dealer. Refer to the User Manual included with your product for specific warranty details. Products have no warranty if: 1.) The product has been serviced, modified or tampered with by anyone other than AQUATOP Aquatic Supplies, 2.) The product has been abused or damaged (including broken or cracked bulbs), and/ or 3.) The product has been transported without proper packaging, 4.) The product was purchased from an Unauthorized Reseller (see unauthorized reseller section).


In no event will Aquatop® be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, including but not limited to, lost aquatic life, personal injury, property damage, equipment damage, lost profits, lost wages, lost savings, lost income, etc., arising out of the use of any Aquatop products.

Note: All sales from Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay (except from Tag Supplies, TruAqua, or Aquatop) do not qualify for any warranty coverage. Tag Supplies, TruAqua, and Aquatop are the only authorized Amazon, Walmart, and Ebay sellers. Please see the Where To Buy section for more information.

Aquatop Exclusive 1+1 Extended Brick & Mortar Store Warranty

Our Registration Page is currently under construction. Please hold on to your original sales receipt in order to qualify for the extended warranty.

1.0. Terms and Conditions of Guarantee.

1.1. Aquatop warrants to the purchaser, for 1 Year from date of original purchase through an Authorized Aquatop Reseller, to repair or replace goods where fault is found due to defective materials or faulty workmanship and where goods do not operate in accordance with the instructions.
1.2. All claims for repair or replacement must be made at place of purchase.
1.3. The original and dated Proof of Purchase (receipt) must be supplied with all goods claims. Please also provide this Guarantee where possible.
1.4. Glass aquariums are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 14 days from date of original retail purchase.
1.5. All goods subject to claim under Guarantee should be prepared for transportation in the original packaging or other comparable packaging which offers the same degree of protection.
1.6. Where goods are repaired or replaced under Guarantee, these goods are Guaranteed for the remainder of either the original Guarantee or Extended Guarantee period.
1.7. Where claims on inspection reveal goods are in normal working order, Aquatop will request reimbursement of all reasonable costs incurred.

2.0. Other Terms and Conditions – Extended Guarantee

2.1. The Extended Guarantee period is for an additional 1 Year and commences on expiration of the standard guarantee period.
2.2. Application for Extended Guarantee is FREE of any registration cost to the purchaser on completion of the Extended Guarantee questionnaire which is found on the applicable Aquatop website (Coming soon).
2.3. Upon receipt and acceptance of the questionnaire, Aquatop will forward (by way of email) a Certificate of Extended Guarantee to the purchaser.
2.4. For more information on how we collect, hold, use and disclose personal information provided to us, please refer to our Privacy Statement on the Aquatop website.
2.5. Where Aquatop determines goods are being used in a manner contrary to the instructions, specifications or this Guarantee, Aquatop reserves the right to terminate Extended Guarantee for such goods and will provide written notice to the purchaser.

3.0. Exclusions and Limitations

Where permitted by local law, the following exclusions and limitations apply in regard to Guarantee:
3.1. Glass breakage, for whatever reason caused after Aquarium purchase.
3.2. Goods claims where fault is due to, but not limited by a) misuse b) neglect c) abuse d) fire or flood e) normal wear and tear f) accidental breakage g) Acts of God h) mains voltage fluctuation or supply problems i) connection to any voltage other than what is stated on the rating plate j) modification or tampering to electrical cord or plug, k) vermin, insects or foreign object l) liquid spillage or submersion of goods not designed to sustain such use or duress.
3.3. Where inspections reveal goods are in normal working order including where noise or vibration is consistent with normal goods operation.
3.4. Attempted repairs or modifications by unauthorized persons, including but not limited to the drilling of holes in the aquarium glass by unauthorized persons.
3.5. Where the goods factory rating plate has been removed, altered, damaged or is rendered illegible.
3.6. Where goods are not installed, operated or maintained in accordance with Aquatop’s instructions, specifications or this Guarantee.
3.7. Replacement or repair of worn consumables or replacement of lost goods, parts or components.
3.8. Costs associated with goods transportation, removal, installation, postage or cost of insurance.
3.9. Any damage incurred whilst installing, transporting or moving the goods.
3.10. Subject to certain local statutory rights and obligations to the contrary, and this guarantee shall not affect those rights or obligations, where, to the full extent permitted by law: 1. all express and implied warranties and conditions under statute or general law, are expressly excluded and Aquatop, where permitted, will limit liability as follows and at Aquatop’s option to: in regard to goods either a) the replacement of goods or supply of equivalent goods b) the repair of goods or the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods OR in regard to services either c) the re-supply of services d) the cost to re-supply services. 2. Aquatop will not be liable for any loss or damage, including consequential loss or damage either directly or indirectly, or for any incidental expenses, of any kind, and in any way whatsoever. (1) we recommend the use of genuine OEM Aquatop replacement parts & filtration media (sold separately) as specially designed to suit the Aquatop product purchased. (2) consider total weight of all items such as: Aquarium, cabinet, water, filtration, gravel/substrate, decorations and other equipment. (3) consumables include items such as filter media/cartridges, impellers and shafts, light tubes, lamps, bulbs and starters. (4) due to the extremely fragile nature of glass and glass being the main component of an Aquatop aquariums, we strongly recommend that you advise your insurer and consider adding this item to your policy. (5) When moving an Aquarium from its original or subsequent set-up location/s the following should be adhered to prior to moving the aquarium: remove all aquatic fish, animals or plants, filtration, gravel/substrate, decorations, other equipment mounted on or in the aquarium and ALL water. Also separate the Aquarium from the Aquarium cabinet or similar household item.

Aquatop may be contacted at:

Aquatop Aquatic Supplies
775 Columbia St.
Brea, CA 92821
Phone: 888-915-2782

Aquatop Aquariums are designed to help simplify general fish keeping. Please note, some specialty fish and aquatic animals or plants keeping require careful consideration, prior to purchase, to ensure proper and successful Aquarium keeping. Therefore, Aquatop recommends, at time of Aquarium purchase, that you consult with your Aquatop Retailer in regard to the suitability of this product for the types of fish, aquatic animals or plants you may wish to keep. Special consideration should also be made in regard to filtration, heating and lighting requirements to ensure they are correct for your application.

*All Glass Aquatop Aquariums have a 14-Day Return Policy from the receiving day when purchased directly from Aquatop. They do not qualify for warranty. All other glass purchases must be taken back to the place of purchase per their discretion.*