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All In One Reef Aquarium System


Reef Ready LED Lighting


High Detail For Incredible Scale Realism

Freshwater LED Lighting

Planted Tank/Freshwater


High Capacity Protein Skimmer

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Product - Premium Marine Nitro Rings - 300g

Premium Marine Nitro Rings - 300g

Product - Cleaning Brush, 24

Cleaning Brush, 24"

Product - Mesh Filter Media Bag w/ Drawstring, 10

Mesh Filter Media Bag w/ Drawstring, 10"x12"

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Aquatop News & Stories

Algae Control for Ponds- by Bill Wymard, Aquarium Adventure, Columbus, Ohio

Algae in the Pond The number one question or problem pond gardeners run into is algae. Every type of algae... >

Beyond the scales and tails: Invertebrates for freshwater tanks. By Mike Tuccinardi

When we set up a home aquarium, it’s almost always intended as a habitat for any number of colorful tropical... >

Filtration- By Bill Wymard, Marine Biologist Aquarium Adventure, Columbus Ohio

                                         FILTRATION                                   By Bill Wymard, Marine Biologist, Aquarium Adventure   Filtration is the process that allows us to keep... >

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