Aquatop Magnetic Glass Cleaners: Versatile Sizes for Every Aquarium

Aquatop MGC Series

Discover the convenience of Aquatop Magnetic Glass Cleaners, available in versatile sizes to suit any aquarium. These powerful cleaners make maintaining crystal-clear tank walls effortless, ensuring a spotless and healthy environment for your aquatic pets. Perfect for tanks of all sizes, these cleaners are a must-have for every aquarist!

Check out our video to see Aquatop Magnetic Glass Cleaners in action and find the perfect size for your tank!

MGC-SMfor up to 3/16″ Glass
MGC-05for up to 1/4″ Glass
MGC-07for up to 5/16″ Glass
MGC-08for up to 3/8″ Glass
MGC-10for up to 1/2″ Glass

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