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UV Sterilizing Pump UVE7 7W 211GPH

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AQUATOP UV Sterilizing Pump - 7 watt UV
Submersible UV Aquarium Filter
Controlling unsightly algae and unwanted algae blooms in aquariums can be a constant uphill battle. Fortunately, AQUATOP offers the ideal weapon with the UVE Series of Submersible UV Filters. Available in different sizes, the UVE-7 is the smallest of the series and is suitable for fresh water aquariums up to 200 gallons and saltwater tanks up to 70 gallons.
A Quick Overview of the UVE Series
This is not an ordinary aquarium filter but a complex submersible unit that works continually to keep your aquarium water healthy and clear. As water enters the filter, it is exposed to a germicidal grade UV bulb that destroys free-floating microorganisms and disease-causing pathogens. The UVE-7 incorporates a special design to maximize the UV dwell time, and this step goes a long way in ensuring a clean and healthy aquatic ecosystem. ln addition to the power of UV sterilization, the UVE-7 also includes an optional Venturi line for added oxygenation and an adjustable flow rate to suit your particular aquarium setup.
Hasta La Vista, Parasites!
UV sterilization is becoming a popular defense mechanism against nasty organisms that can cause all kinds of trouble even in the most meticulous tank setups. The UVE-7 is designed to be fully submersible in both fresh and saltwater, and the UUV SV bulb is extra insurance against undesirable invaders. UV targets free-floating microorganisms, and although it can be extremely effective, it should be part of regular aquarium maintenance such as water changes and filter cleaning. (Sorry, you can’t avoid good aquarium husbandry!)
UVE-7 Installation Notes
The UVE Series of UV Filter is extremely flexible and allows for placement just anywhere in your aquarium. The unit needs to be submerged under water to produce maximum effectiveness and life of the product.
How Often Do I Need to Replace the UV Bulb?
The UV bulb runs continuously along with the UVE filter. The UVE Series includes a most convenient UV indicator light that lets you know your UV bulb is running and doing its job. The bulb for the unit has a life span of about 8000 hours of use. After this amount of time, the bulb will either die or lose effectiveness. (You can order replacement bulbs from TruAqua.) Always make sure to disconnect power from the unit before proceeding and never look directly into UV light as it can cause permanent eye damage.

  • 211 gallons per hour flow rate
  • 110V / 60Hz
  • Suitable for both freshwater & saltwater use
  • Eradicates and controls free-floating micro-organisms as well as disease causing pathogens
  • Built in 8 watt water pump
  • 7 Watt UV light
  • Built in flow rate controller
  • Requires no additional plumbing, easy to use
  • Flexibility in arrangement. Could be placed in tank or in sump
  • Single Power Cord Design
  • Specially Designed Intake with no prefilter to allow all particulates in the water to pass by bulb
  • The power cord length is 54" inches
  • Suitable for Saltwater tanks up to 70 gallons or Freshwater tanks from 5-200 gallons
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