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Silicone Lionfish Decor - Brown, 1pc

Silicone Lionfish Decor - Brown, 1pc

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With realistic life-like action Aquatop’s new silicone sea creatures move with the flow of the water. The vibrant colors give off a glowing affect when lit from any aquarium light. An adjustable suction cup anchor mount makes mounting and placement easy. Safe for Freshwater and Saltwater.

Realistic life-like action
Moves with water current
Vibrant translucent colors
Glowing effect under light
Adjustable suction cup mount


  • Includes one 5" Lionfish
  • Dimensions: 5"x1.25"x1.5"
  • Adjustable Suction Cup Mount
  • Easy to Install
  • Fun to Watch
  • Safe for Freshwater or Saltwater
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