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SC380 Semi-Circle 7.4G Aquarium System Black/Gray

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SC-380 7.4 Gallon Semi-Circle Glass Aquarium System With its semi-circle design, AquaTop’s SC-380 Glass Aquarium System will add a unique look to any room or office. This space-saving and stylish aquarium is perfect for aquarists of all levels and because you're buying an AQUATOP Nano tank, you know it includes important accessories such as a filtration system with circulating pump and energy efficient lighting! Many of our customers place the SC-380 against a wall in the kitchen, bath or desk and appreciate the small footprint. We added some convenient features, too, such as a quick-access feeding lid and easily modified lighting hood for additional filtration. AQUATOP Nano tanks are made of scratch resistant-curved glass that gives you a picture perfect view of your aquarium and its amazing inhabitants! For Beginners or Advanced Hobbyists
AquaTop’s SC-380 Glass Aquarium appeals to both experienced aquarists and folks just "testing the waters." This Nano tank is priced affordably and because it includes filtration with water circulation pump as well as built-in lighting, the remaining investment is minimal. The SC-380 can be designed for live panted tanks, live coral, fresh or saltwater systems or just your basic freshwater tank stocked with hardy fish and artificial plants and décor. The material of glass makes a big difference in the viewing quality and AQUATOP always uses high quality glass.

Nano aquariums are compact aquarium systems that bring "living décor" to bedrooms, offices, bathrooms, kitchens or any small space. Nano tanks generally fall into the 5 to 15 gallon range while smaller tanks are considered pico-style. Hobbyists love Nano tanks for a lot of reasons, and not just because they're small. Aquarists enjoy the challenge of creating a miniature ecosystem with appropriate livestock and plants. Beginners love the all-in-one features and the fact they Nano tanks are easy to set up and maintain. Just keep in mind that once you experience the joy of a Nano tank, you might get addicted to this amazing hobby!

Benefits of an All-in-One AQUATOP Nano Aquarium! · Modern design with high quality glass
· Easy to set up and maintain
· Filtration system included
· Energy-efficient lighting system included
· Great for fresh or saltwater systems

  • LIGHTING: 11 WATT x 1
  • PUMP: 105 GPH
  • VOLT/FREQ: 110V-120V/60Hz
  • DIMENSIONS: 14.9” x 9.4” x 15.4”
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