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Pond UV Sterilizer Pressurized Bio Filter w/ Pump PFS200

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Attention: Only use for pond application, this setup is not suitable for tanks or any other dry use application. All in one package - canister, pump, pipe, clamps, UV Designed with the pond keeper in mind, the PFS 200 Pressurized Pond Filter offers outstanding filtration capabilities for ponds of various sizes. Capable of filtering 1600 gallons per hour, what separates the PFS200 from ordinary pumps is the built-in UV and included SFP65 pump. The PFS200 is easy to maintain and install and includes all the necessary filters and adapters.
The PFS200UV Filter is a sealed pressure filter system for biological and mechanical filtering of normal pond water with a temperature of 34°F – 95°F. Exclusively intended for cleaning garden ponds with or without pond fish, AQUATOP’s PFS200 with built-in UV Series will clean garden ponds with or without pond fish and will help pond keepers reach a new a level of filtration. Features • Designed with the Pond Keeper in Mind • Outstanding Filtration Capabilities • Integrated UVC Bulb • Energy Efficient Pump Included • Flow Indicator Indicates When to Clean • Clean Function to Wash Filter Sponges • Easy to Install and Maintain • Necessary Fittings and Adapters Included • Suitable for Fresh or Saltwater Use

  • All in one package - canister, pump, pipe, clamps, UV
  • Bio Media sold separately
  • 13 Watt UV Bulb
  • 110-120/60Hz
  • Filter Capacity (Normal Fish Load) 1600 Gallons,
  • Max Head Pressure 16"
  • 75 watt, 1190 GPH
  • Max Head 11.5' (All in one package)
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