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Nano Sky High Clarity Low Iron Glass Aquarium NS-7G

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NS-7G Nano Sky High Clarity Glass Aquarium, 91% light-through rate vs 84% regular glass The NS-7G is larger than the NS-4G and has the same amazing features. This space-saving and stylish glass aquarium is ideal beginners and experienced aquarists alike and since it's made of high clarity glass, you'll get a picture-perfect view of all your beloved creatures. High clarity glass is the same glass used in car windshields so there's no loss of color. In addition, the energy efficient LED lighting enhances your viewing experience by providing the shimmer of natural sunlight. The included 3D-HOB filter provides superior filtration with a pre-filter and Zero Bypass system that filters every drop of water so your tank stays crystal clear. With proper setup and care, the Nano Sky Aquarium Series offers a safe and healthy environment for your aquatic creatures to thrive. High Clarity Glass Aquarium Beautiful Polished Edges 3D-HOB Provides Superior Filtration Zero Bypass System Energy Efficient Lighting Look of Natural Daylight Easy to Install and Set-Up

  • Volume: 6.8 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 17.7”x6.7”x13.7”
  • Lighting: LED100
  • Filtration: 3D-HOB Filter/66 GPH/4W
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