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High Clarity Low Iron Glass Aquarium HCA-24, 21.4 Gallons

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Limited Warranty All HCC, HCA, ES, PAL, AB/AW, FB/FW and QM Aquariums; carry a 30 day warranty from the time of purchase. TruAqua must be contacted within 30 days of purchase. Warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the aquarium and does not cover any consequential damages such as loss of livestock or damage to furniture, flooring, etc. Purchaser is responsible for return shipping to TruAqua for repair or replacement.
Description A beautiful 21-gallon high clarity glass aquarium, the HCA-24 has a 91% light-through rate verses 84% for regular glass and a low iron content for an amazing view. Ideal for fresh or salt water systems, these tanks truly outshine ordinary glass aquariums on colorful creatures and vibrant coral. The polished beveled edges and high clarity glass are perfect for reef or planted eco-systems where the natural beauty and colors can be breathtaking. If you're the kind of hobbyist who believes that nothing should block the view of your aquatic scenery, consider a high clarity glass system for your next tank.

 Dimensions: 23.62" x 11.81" x 17.72"
 Capacity: 21.4 Gallons
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