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AquaTop Sumbersible Pond Pump SFP65 - 1190 GPH, 75 W

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SFP-65 Submersible Pond Pump The SFP-65 is a magnetic-drive water pump designed to run continuously without seals wearing out. Ideal for powering everything from a pond filter to a waterfall system, the SFP-65 is a non-oil lubricated pump that can be used with AquaTop’s PFS200-UV or PFS300-UV pressurized filters. Suitable for both fresh and saltwater, the SFP-65 was designed with the pond keeper in mind and allows for complete customization. The SFP-65 can also be converted into a fountain pump (fountain heads not included) when not used as a pond pump. The bearing and the axis are made of ceramic material that guards against abrasion and erosion and helps to prevent the SFP-65 from seizing. The special centrifugal impeller design combined with high flow output make the SFP-65 one of the most energy efficient submersible pumps on the market. High Performing Pond Pump Energy Efficient Design Large Anti-Clog Filter Basket Low Heat Transference Ready to Install and Use Compatible with PFS200-UV & PFS300-UV Click here for Pond UV Sterilizer Pressurized Bio Filter w/ Pump PFS200 Click here for Pond UV Sterilizer Bio Pressurized Filter w/Pump PFS300UV

  • SFP-65 Specifications
  • Power: 75 Watts
  • Volt/Freq: 110V-120V/60Hz
  • Flow Rate: 1190 GPH
  • Max head: 11.5’

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