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Aquatop Premium Ceramic Rings - 300g

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AQUATOP MCR-300 Ceramic Rings - 300g
Aquatop's highly porous ceramic rings provide a large surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow and cultivate providing you with better filtration. Beneficial bacteria grow and colonize in the pores of the ceramic rings and help eliminate harmful ammonia and nitrite levels in your aquarium water.
Features • Biological filtration media that promotes beneficial bacteria growth
• Improved shape increases internal and external surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive
• Made of long lasting, highly porous ceramic material
• Aids in the breakdown and removal of harmful ammonia and nitrite
• Suitable for both freshwater and saltwater filters
• Great for both freshwater & saltwater use

  • 300g/each
  • Include mesh bag ($4.95 value)
  • each ring measures roughly .5 inches in diameter and .6 inches in height
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