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Aquarium Heater Digital Dual Display- 100W

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100 Watt Digital Aquarium Heater with Dual Digital Display Our dual digital display heater instantly displays your current aquarium water temperature and makes it easy to set your target temperature so you never have to check what the temperature is. Maintaining a constant temperature in your aquarium creates an environment where your livestock can thrive. Too much temperature fluctuation can be very harmful to your aquarium ecosystem. When water temperatures drop below the desired temperature, the heater will heat and maintain the warm water needed in your fresh or salt water ecosystems. This fully submersible heater is suitable for tanks up to 30 gallons. The temperature is easily adjustable and has visible temperature settings.
This model D2HT-100 100 Watt waterproof fully submersible digital aquarium heater is perfect for tanks up to 30 gallons. The temperature is adjustable from 68F-93F. using the easy to adjust thermostat. Built with high impact safety glass and waterproof insulation. The design is compact and is only 11 inches long.

  • Dual digital display - current and target temperature
  • Energy saving automati shut down once target temperature reach
  • Voltage: 120v/60hz
  • Advanced Design
  • Dual Digital Display
  • Temperatures adjustable between 20c-34c/68-93F.
  • External Temperature Sensor
  • Heating Indicator Included
  • Shatterproof Design
  • Suitable for tanks up to 30 Gallons
  • Dimensions: 1.25 x 1.25 x 11.0

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