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Aquarium Fish Tank Nano AT20 w/ LED Light - 2 Gallon Silver

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Welcome to a new world of Nano tanks! AQUATOP's AT-20 Nano Aquarium System is perfect for aquarists of all levels and its compact design fits on desktops, dressers or any small nook. The frameless design and high-clarity glass give this aquarium a simple, modern look and the AT-20 includes essential accessories such as a complete filtration system with durable bio-plates for beneficial bacteria populations and replaceable carbon enhanced filter pads. The energy efficient LED clip-on lighting is water-resistant and provides the shimmer of halogen lighting without the high cost or heat transference.
Features of the AT-20
• Perfect for desktops, dressers or any small nook • Frameless design for a simple, modern look • Includes PFE-1 Hang-on Back Filter & LED lighting!

  • 8.6"x8.6"x10.2"
  • 2 Gallon
  • 2 Watt LED Nano
  • Includes PFE-1 Hang on Back Filter & LED lighting!
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