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CD-09ORP Aquarium Coral Decor - Orange/Red, 8.9"x7.1"x6.6"

CD-09ORP Aquarium Coral Decor - Orange/Red, 8.9"x7.1"x6.6"

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Aquatop’s Vibrant Reef Decor makes the perfect addition to your aquarium by helping to create a natural look and feel, without affecting your water parameters. These life-like ornaments are made from a non-toxic polyresin that won’t discolor your aquarium water and can also be used as an alternative to live corals in a saltwater aquarium application.

Decoration is made of fish-safe materials and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater use.


  • Adds a natural look to aquariums
  • Gives fish a place to hide
  • Made of nontoxic polyresin
  • Colorful detailed design
  • Mix & Match to create a vibrant reefscape
  • Won’t change the water chemistry
  • Can be used as a live coral substitute in saltwater applications 


  • Dimensions: 8.9"(L) x 7.1"(W) x 6.6"(H)
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