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Aquarium AquaTop Hang on Filter PFE-4

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PFE-4 Hang-on Filter AquaTop’s PFE-4 Power Filter comes equipped with all the necessary filter media to ensure superior filtration: Mechanical, Chemical & Biological. The PFE-4 utilizes a filtration chamber system with replaceable filter sponge cartridges enhanced with AquaTop’s Activated Carbon and Biological Media Trays with maximum surface-area for your beneficial bacteria to colonize and help keep clean water. The PFE-3’s innovative and flexible design is perfect to help you eradicate and control free-floating debris and harmful waste from the aquarium in both freshwater and saltwater. Capable of Filtering up to 40 Gallon Aquariums Mechanical, Chemical and Biological Filtration Included Extremely Quiet Large Filtration Media Chamber Suitable for both Freshwater and Saltwater

  • Tank capacity: 40 Gallons
  • Flow Rate: 120 GPH
  • Power: 4W
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