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AF200 Auto-priming Canister Filter w/UV 211GPH

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Aquatop’s top-of-the-line aquarium canister filters, the AF-Series, deliver crystal clear aquarium water with just a touch of a button! These multistage filtration systems include automatic priming so your canister filter begins cycling with no manual siphoning or pumping required. In addition to biological, mechanical and chemical filtration, all models in the series include powerful UV bulbs for added protection against harmful bacteria and unsightly algae.
The effort invested in the design of the AF Series is what separates these canister filters from ordinary filters. Attention to detail includes features such as heavy-duty ball joint output fittings for accurate water direction and quick disconnection for input and output valves. All AF filters run extremely quiet and the solid casing and quality parts assure you’ll have this filter for years to come.
Canister filters are popular among aquarists as these filters hold more media than traditional internal filters and do a great job of clearing larger and heavily stocked setups. The downside to traditional canister filters can be the priming involved. The AF Canister Filter eliminates this with automatic priming and one-touch control. Simply press the button and the AF starts cycling water quietly, quickly and effectively.
All models in the AF Series vastly improve the clarity of both fresh and saltwater systems. In addition to multiple media compartments, the AF Series includes UV clarification on all models. The UV bulb gives even heavily stocked systems protection against harmful bacteria and unsightly algae so you’ll enjoy a clear tank every single day of the week. Like our CF Series canister filters, with the AF Series, you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your fresh or saltwater system.

**Includes 1-Year Limited Manufacturer's Warranty

Advanced Multi-stage filtration system + UV

Includes Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration

Easy to set up and clean

Build in automatic priming pump for effortless startup

Very quiet and efficient

Grey enclosure

211 GPH

2-Media Trays

Suitable for tanks up to 60 Gallons

AC 110V

3- Watt UV Sterilizer 

Works for both fresh and salt water tanks

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 13.5"

Vinyl Hose Inner Diameter (ID): 1/2"

Recessed Barrel Head O-ring

Gaskets between Media Trays to minimize bypass

Large Media Trays with Handles for ease of Maintenance

<b>Replacement Filtration Media</b>

Replacement Blue Coarse Filter Pad (AF200250-RCP)

Replacement White Filter Pad (AF200250-RFP)

Replacement Phosphate Filter Pad (AF200250-RPHP)

Replacement Black Sponge Pad (AF200250-RSP)

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