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Unauthorized Online Reseller Warranty Claim Warning

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Protect Your Investment, watch your warranty claim, Purchase Only From Aquatop Authorized Dealers

Aquatop products are sold exclusively to consumers through Authorized Dealers and Authorized online resellers. These sellers are trained by Aquatop to credibly represent the products. They provide professional advice, post-sale support and service on all of our products. Unauthorized sellers often knowingly deceive the consumer by telling them that the product is covered under warranty, and that the specific company will continue to support the original purchaser.

Please be advised, Aquatop is NOT obligated to honor warranty claims or support any products, even if they are "new", when purchased from an unauthorized individual, unauthorized dealer, or unauthorized website seller via the internet. 
Purchases made through online auction sales, craigslist or other similar channels will not be eligible for warranty.

When purchasing Aquatop products on online sites, such as, it is important to note where the product is being, “shipped and sold by” which is usually stated in the header for the product. If you are uncertain if an online reseller is an authorized retailer or not, please contact us directly for more information.  


*The following is a list of UNAUTHORIZED Internet Resellers:

  • Monster Pets - Amazon Reseller
  • IamNotGreedy - Amazon Reseller
  • AlotOfHome - Amazon Reseller
  • PetFoodStation - Amazon Reseller
  • ESL Supply - Amazon Reseller
  • PETSETERA - Amazon Reseller
  • The Amazing Place - Amazon Reseller
  • OneWayPet - Amazon Reseller
  • FatHappyPets - Amazon Reseller
  • newtownvideos - Amazon Reseller
  • Max Nature - Amazon Reseller
  • Avalanche Brands - Amazon Reseller
  • Ashar LLC - Amazon Reseller
  • Spero Goods - Amazon Reseller
  • Etopso - Amazon Reseller
  • ValoMarket - Amazon Reseller
  • Brightview Home - Amazon Reseller
  • DAKAStore - Amazon Reseller
  • Just Above Cost - Amazon Reseller
  • GamingCave - Amazon Reseller
  • SJK Products - Amazon Reseller
  • Zany Value - Amazon Reseller
  • CosmeticMall - Amazon Reseller
  • Oasis_of_Health BlockChain - Amazon Reseller
  • SaltwaterAquarium - Amazon Reseller
  • Gatzies - Amazon Reseller
  • CLL Pet Supplies - Amazon Reseller
  • ABlackHorse - Amazon/Walmart Reseller
  • UNBEATABLESALE - Amazon/Rakuten Reseller

• All Third Party Sellers on Ebay.

What happens if I make a purchase from an unauthorized dealer, (such as third party sellers on Amazon) and need warranty service?

You can contact them directly to request warranty service. If they refuse, (which they usually do) you can call your credit card company to dispute the charge. Tell your credit card company that the seller refuses to honor the warranty and you want to do a charge back. Thank you for your cooperation!


Authorized Dealers & Resellers:

• A physical (“brick & mortar”) pet or aquarium store. Online purchases made from a brick & mortar store are NOT considered authorized.

• Authorized Aquatop Internet resellers (subject to change):

o Marine and Reef
o Pet Mountain
o Truaqua
o PetSolutions
o Petsmart
o Deal4K
o That Fish Place

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