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CF Canister Filters

The CF Series takes canister filters to the highest level! These multi-stage filtration systems are ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums up to 175 gallons. The CF400UV & CF500UV models include an integrated 9 watt UV Sterilizer which helps keep your aquarium healthy and crystal clear. The CF canister filters defy their low price because they come equipped with all the necessary plumbing for installation and include large filtration media compartments allowing you to add the filtration media of your choice. The filtration media trays offer a fully customizable filtration system to suit your specific aquatic needs. All models include fine filter pads (white) and a single coarse filter sponge (blue) for enhanced Mechanical Filtration. With the addition of AquaTop’s Premium Activated Carbon, Ceramic Rings and Bio-Balls, you’ll achieve superior filtration and crystal clear aquarium water. Each model has a convenient Prime Pump that eliminates the need for manual siphoning! Say good bye to a mouth full of aquarium water!!!

How Does the UV Sterilization Work (CF400UV/CF500UV)?
Unfiltered aquarium water enters the CF Series Canister Filter and passes by the U.V. Sterilizing Bulb flowing down the stack of vertical cylinder cutouts to the bottom of the CF Filter. Then water is pushed up through the filtration media compartments; the bottom compartment first, the middle compartment second, and the top compartment third. The filtered aquarium water then returns from the CF Canister back into the aquarium. 

  • Multi-stage filtration system
  • Capable of Mechanical, Biological, and Chemical Filtration
  • 9W UV Sterilization (CF400UV & CF500UV models only)
  • Works for both fresh and saltwater tanks

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