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Aquatop teams up with ATM & friends to bring a TON of HOT Salt to dealers impacted by Irma

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Stacey Blood
Global Market Coordinator 855-258-7475 x103 stacey@acrylictankmanufacturing

ATM Aquarium Products And Friends Help Hurricane Irma Relief

1 Ton Of Hot Salt Reef Will Help Stores Rebuild

FORT MEYERS, FL: In the wake of Hurricane Irma, ATM Aquarium Products has teamed up with Aquatop, Exotic Marine Fish Importers Houston, V2O Foods, and MinnFinn to deliver 1 ton of ATM Hot Salt Reef plus other supplies like foods and medications to stores and aquatic businesses to help alleviate losses. Arrival is pending opening of shipping lanes to Florida and a effected areas.

Hurricane surges are devastating to store operations because they rely on constant 24/7 power to run life support equipment. Power is almost always cut o for long periods, resulting in loss of life as well as equipment and infrastructure.

Aquatop is fortunate to have partners like ATM and JJ Corals to help bring some relief to those impacted by hurricane Irma.” Frank Kudla, VP of Marketing and Sales Aquatop

“Having just dealt wtih Hurricane Harvey here in Houston I know first hand what it’s like” Antonio Paddock, EMF Houston

"Best wishes to all those in Florida trying to dig out and rebuild after the Hurricane Irma” Chris Turk, V2O Aquarium Foods

COLLECTION POINT: JJ Corals, 4226 Fowler St, Fort Myers, FL 33901
CONTACT FOR TIMETABLE AND LOGISTICS: Stacey Blood 855-258-7475 x 103

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